Jess (rckstar13) wrote in ljphotolab,

Vote Please.

Alright guys, we have 2 participants this time around. I guess that is alright, since it is our first contest. Hopefully next one we will have more.

Does anyone have any suggestions on getting more participants?

Anyway, I need everyone reading this to vote for your favorite for the theme of Red, Yellow, Orange. The winner will be announced on Monday at about 10am CST. Thank you again.
Your new theme will be: Curves.

Poll #611546 Vote for one

Vote for your favorite for the theme: Red, Yellow, Orange.


Comments? Suggestions?

I really need you guys to get some more people to participate, thanks a lot for your cooperation.
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Deleted comment

I don't know, honestly, I am just hoping for some people to take an interest. So maybe if I leave it up until tomorrow, there may be a chance some more people will show.
I'll be able to, and am looking forward to participating now that I have a computer on my bedroom floor. This time, to stay. So very exciting.

My vote has been cast. ;) Both entries were great. I prefer the contrasts of the first. :D